Answers Colour Prints, 1935

In November 1935, the format of Answers, the popular 2d weekly paper published by Amalgamated Press, was "permanently enlarged" and to mark the occasion the issue dated 16 November 1935 was a 'Double Gift Number.' In addition to a 28-page 'Songs Our Soldiers Sang' song album featuring "all the choruses made popular by our soldiers during the Great War" they gave away free "the  first of six cartoons by Bruce Bairnsfather, the cleverest and most humorous of all War Cartoonists."

The first of the colour prints issued by Answers featured Bairnsfather's most famous cartoon "Well, if you knows of a better 'ole, go to it" and this was followed on 23 November by 'Coiffure in the Trenches,' 'The Fatalist' on 30 November, 'Where did that one go to?' on 7 December, 'So Obvious' on 14 December and finally 'No Possible Doubt Whatever' on 21 December 1935.

Each print carried "Presented with "Answers" and the week-ending date of the issue it came with, in the top left hand corner, and "By Courtesy of "The Bystander" below the cartoon.

Below are copies of all six prints presented with Answers.