Old Bill on Stage & Screen


In 1916 Bruce Bairnsfather brought Old Bill to the stage for the first time, in 'Bairnsfatherland,' a scene specially written for the revue Flying Colours at the London Hippodrome. It was the first of many stage incarnations for the famous character, who was portrayed by dozens of famous actors of the day.

Click on the links below to find out more about all the theatrical productions written by Bruce Bairnsfather, and a few others which were inspired by his work.

Bairnsfatherland (1916)

Where Did That One Go? (1917)

The Johnson 'Ole (1917)

The Better 'Ole (1917)

'Ullo! (1918)

Souvenirs (1918)

Lucky Old Bill (1919)

Old Bill MP (1922)

'Ullo! (1924)

Carry On Sergeant (1925)

Lucky Old Bill (1931)


Between 1918 and 1940 Bruce Bairnsfather's famous character was the subject of several films - three silent and three sound. Click on the links below for further information about his various incarnations on the silver screen:

The Better 'Ole (1918)  

Old Bill Through the Ages (1924)         

The Better 'Ole (1926)  

Old Bill's Christmas (1929)  

Old Bill Arrives (1930)    

Old Bill and Son (1940)

Bruce Bairnsfather Vitaphone Short (1926)