Tours for the Lee Keedick Lecture Bureau, 1920

In 1920 Bruce Bairnsfather undertook two lecture tours of America and Canada, under the management of the Lee Keedick Lecture Bureau. His first tour, in January-February 1920, took in 20 or so cities across America, and was a huge success. He made his debut appearance in Philadelphia literally 3 hours after his ship docked in New York! While in Washington on 21 January 1920 Bairnsfather became ill, and several appearances were cancelled or rescheduled. He recovered sufficiently to continue the tour with a talk in Cleveland on 25 January, and after concluding his final lecture bookings he sailed for England on 14 February 1920.

In October 1920 Bairnsfather returned to America, to undertake a second tour for Keedick, which saw him visit 21 cities throughout Canada and America. After completing the extensive tour he sailed for England from New York on Christmas Eve 1920.

Below you will find a list of many of the cities visited by Bruce Bairnsfather on these tours.

January-February 1920

14 January Academy of Music, Philadelphia

16 January Carnegie Hall, New York

19 January Symphony Hall, Boston

20 January Lyric Theatre, Baltimore

21 January Polis Theatre, Washington

25 January Masonic Auditorium, Cleveland

26 January Massey Hall, Toronto

27 January Detroit

28 January Toledo

30 January Chicago

1 February St Paul, Minneapolis

3 February Memorial Hall, Dayton, Ohio

4 February Columbus, Ohio

5 February Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

6 February  Shubert Theatre, New Haven

9 February Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburgh

November-December 1920

11 November His Majesty's Theatre, Montreal

12 November Russell Theatre, Ottawa

15 November Central Congregational Church, Winnipeg

16 November Westminster Church, Westminster, Saskatchewan

17 November Saskatoon

18 November St Andrew's Church, Moose Jaw

19 November Medicine Hat

20 November Majestic Theatre, Lethbridge, Alberta

22 November McDougall Auditorium, Edmonton

23 November Knox Presbytarian Church, Calgary

25 November Royal Victoria Theatre, Victoria, BC

26 November St Andrew's Church, Vancouver, BC

28 November Newport, RI

2 December Scottish Rite Auditorium, San Fransisco

3 December Oakland Civic Auditorium, Oakland, CA

9 December High School Auditorium, Oklahoma City

10 December Community Lyceum Theatre, Tulsa

11 December Wichita, Kansas

13 December Rivoli Theatre, Sioux City, Iowa

15 December Plymouth Church, Des Moines