Old Bill Dolls

There are three Old Bill dolls known to have been made. A large (16 inch tall) and small (approx 5½ inch tall) doll were quite detailed, with khaki uniform, belt and puttees and muffler. The third doll has more basic features and was made as a souvenir to be thrown to the audience by the female stars - Miss Lee White and Beatrice Lillie - during a trench scene in the revue 'Cheep!' at London's  Vaudeville Theatre in 1917.

Those dolls that have survived are often in poor condition or have been partially restored (Bill's feet have often been replaced) but it is still possible to find them in good shape.  Below are examples of all three dolls.

Large size Old Bill doll possibly made by Farnell, dating from late WW1

Souvenir Old Bill doll thrown to audience by actress Beatrice Lillie during a trench scene in the revue 'Cheep!' at the Vaudeville Theatre, London, 1917


Small 'Ole Bill' Mascot doll made by Farnell

Back view of souvenir Old Bill doll from the revue 'Cheep!' showing label