The Bystander and Graphic

With the end of the First World War in November 1918 many people may think that Bruce Bairnsfather's association with The Bystander magazine ended. However, this is not the case - his 1916 contract was for three years, and when this ended in June 1919 he was given a new five year contract which reflected his and Old Bill's continuing popularity as the country adapted to Peace. Under the new contract Bairnsfather continued to draw for The Bystander, and would also contribute to its sister papers the weekly Graphic and Daily Graphic. But most significantly, Bairnsfather was appointed Editor of his own weekly paper, titled (unsurprisingly) Fragments. This ran from July 1919 until October 1920, but his cartoons continued to appear in The Bystander for another three years, and he was also a prolific contributor to the Daily Graphic in 1921-22.

Below are links to pages highlighting some of Bruce Bairnsfather's work for The Bystander and its sister publications in the post-war period through to 1923.

Articles for the Daily Graphic, 1921-22