Variety and Vaudeville Tours

Between November 1922 and August 1923 Bruce Bairnsfather undertook a lengthy variety tour of the UK, at theatres on the Moss and Stoll circuit. Immediately his UK tour finished  he crossed the Atlantic to undertake an American vaudeville tour with the Keith-Orpheum organisation, which lasted from September 1923-April 1924.

In October 1935 Bairnsfather made appearances at a handful of variety theatres in the UK, before leaving for his latest lecture tour of America. On his return to England the following Spring his variety tour continued, and would eventually seem him touring on and off for almost three years, until his last variety booking in October 1938.

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UK Variety Tour, 1922-23

US Vaudeville Tour, 1923-24

UK Variety Tour, 1935-38