Wilkinson 'Old Bill' Heads 

In 1918, the  firm of Arthur J Wilkinson Limited (Royal Staffordshire Pottery) at  Burslem, produced a superb reproduction of Old Bill's head in the form of a mug (5 inches high) made from Staffordshire Porcelain.  Each piece was painted by hand, and bore the mark of the 'Royal Staffordshire Pottery' and Bruce Bairnsfather's signature on the underside. Around the base was inscribed "Who told ye that one?"

Advertised alongside the "F.C.G." series of 8 Toby Jugs of Prominent Personages of WW1, the Old Bill head was priced at 10 shillings 6d and sold exclusively through Soane and Smith Limited ("the Specialite House of Originalities"), 462 Oxford Street, London.

Although advertisements only offer the coloured Old Bill head for sale, a pure white edition is also known to have been produced.